And so it begins…


I finally surrendered to the need for a blog. I love reading books, talking about books, hearing others talk about books. Why not write about books? I hope you’ll bear with me on this journey. I have no clue how this blog site works so I have to feel my way. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of revisions along the way. But my goal is to create a comfortable place where I can invite friends – old and new – and we can discuss all things bookish. Previews of things to come, reviews of things that may be new or the pub date may have long since passed. It’s still new to me if I haven’t seen it before.


And lest you notice that I post a review or two of a book written by a client of mine, rest assured that nothing posted here was purchased. I’ll only post reviews that are genuine and of books that I would have or did read before the author was a client. Even if you hire our services at BTP along the way, I don’t work with any markets that do paid reviews. Just a personal preference of mine.


I hope you’ll want to join me here from time to time. I’ll probably also post tips for promoting books, or maybe provide a little media info. Essentially answer questions that come to me fairly frequently in my “day job” as an author publicist. But at night, I’m just a book lover, probably like you. I look forward to hearing from you! Is anybody really out there?

One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. We are out here! Blog on, PJ!

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