An archeologist’s take on book promotion

doonanphotoBWHello, I’m William Doonan. My archaeological mystery, American Caliphate, has now been out for about six months (see blurb below). I do the regular blogging and promoting, but I thought I’d try something new. I’ve turned my own blog into a forum for serialized novels. Each week, a new chapter comes out, and I publicize it on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

Does it work? I don’t know, but minimally it gives readers exposure to my writing and my books. Stop by and have a look at

My current serialized novel is called MedicineLand. Here’s what it’s about:MedicineLand

2010 – California’s Central Valley becomes the nation’s methamphetamine production hub, unleashing a wave of addiction and crime. Prison populations soar.

The state bleeds money and resources as two formidable players ascend – the ruthless drug cartels, and the powerful prison guards union. There’s a fortune at stake as the world’s eighth largest economy becomes a battlefield.

It’s up to the governor now to keep everything from boiling over. Unless the governor has other ideas.

Dr. Julia Beltran is a geneticist searching for the master control gene for human aging. If she finds it, you’ll never die.

Adam LaPorte is a former methamphetamine super-lab cook. Why is he now being paid a small fortune to bake snack cakes for the California Department of Corrections?

Ruth Black runs a private holistic medicine facility. Her patients shouldn’t even be alive. Maybe they aren’t.

Governor Schwarzenegger doesn’t like to lose.

Author Bio

AmericanCaliphatecoverMEDIUMWilliam Doonan is an archaeologist and professor of anthropology in Sacramento, CA. He has spent many years conducting excavations in Central and South America. He is also a veteran cruise ship lecturer, traveling the world and speaking on topics as diverse as the Trojan War, piracy in the Adriatic, and the peopling of the Americas.

Doonan is also the author of four mystery novels. Grave Passage, Mediterranean Grave, and Grave Indulgence recount the adventures of an octogenarian detective who solves crimes on cruise ships. His new archaeological mystery American Caliphate was released by Dark Oak Mysteries in April 2012

6 thoughts on “An archeologist’s take on book promotion

  1. mdshrink says:

    These are fabulously interesting books. Henry Grave is a super fun investigator and these are great books for people who like mysteries with humor. Buy the Grave Mysteries. Also, American Caliphate is getting as close to an archaeological dig as an armchair archaeologist can get. Filled with impressive facts and interesting turns of events.

  2. I can second the above.

  3. pjnunn says:

    That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  4. William,
    I hope your new idea for your blog generates lots of viewers which turn into lots of sales. I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed your Henry Grave novels and, of course, American Caliphate.

  5. Thanks, Patricia! I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Pat Reid says:

    I am behind in my reading emails and posts but really enjoyed this one! Thanks to PJ for getting this information to us.

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