Things every author should know

PJ Nunn

PJ Nunn

In its truest definition, only one book ever written –  past, present or future –  can be the best book of all time. Odds are yours probably isn’t the one. Your promotion efforts will be more readily received when you understand that.

Effective communication in whatever form involves a two way exchange of information. Words are only effective when comprehension is involved. So writing and promotion are most effective when you know your audience. Research and feedback matter.

A writer who never reads what someone else writes is like a chef who never eats what someone else cooks. Where’s the point of comparison that challenges you to grow and improve?

If you only write when the muse strikes, isn’t that similar to only eating when you want to eat? And if that’s true, is it possible the end results are similar? Either scrawny and weak or overfed and out of shape? Knowledge and discipline, when consistently applied, can change anything for the better.

Much of the chatter on internet social media, even in writing groups, is repetitive parroting and often incorrect or incomplete. Take time to know the source and do due diligence before accepting advice – however popular it might be – and implementing it.

It’s unlikely that any publisher will ever do more to promote your books than you will.

No author is spontaneously clever all the time. Trust me, even with practice some never get there.

There are more people on the internet who are aware of what you say and do than you know. Be careful what discussions you take part in and what you allow your name to be associated with.

A single drop of water falling on a rock soon evaporates and leaves no trace.  The same is true for several drops in a short period of time. But the subtle, consistent dripping of drops over an extended period of time begins to make a mark that becomes permanent. Think of effective book promotion like that. Don’t go for the flash in the pan that won’t be remembered, but the slow-and-steady effort that etches your name in the minds of those who see it often enough.

3 thoughts on “Things every author should know

  1. EARL STAGGS says:

    Excellent thoughts, PJ. I especially liked the part about “consistent dripping of drops over an extended period of time.”

  2. Great points. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged that all my effort with social media doesn’t seem to be doing very much. But I know that I need to keep at it. Thanks for the backup to that knowledge.

  3. pjnunn says:

    Thanks ya’ll! I really do believe that “slow and steady wins the race.”

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