Bleeding Through by Sandra Parshall

Bleeding Through front w quote for au11 (1)Bleeding Through

Sandra Parshall

Poisoned Pen Press, 2012, 250 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1464200274

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

Rachel and Deputy Chief Tom Bridger are living together and life has settled down into a satisfying routine,  Rachel’s sister, Michelle, fears she is being stalked.  Michelle hopes that her stay with Rachel and Tom will discourage the stalker.  This is the first time that Michelle has visited and Rachel is on edge about the visit and Michelle meeting Tom.   Rachel and Michelle also have past issues that they have never satisfactorily worked out.   Michellel’s visit gives the two sisters the perfect opportunity to solve past issues and to grow closer.

Rachel and Tom are supervising a group of teenagers cleaning up litter on a Mason County, Virginia highway when they discover the body of a young woman wrapped in plastic.  Sadly, the sister of the woman is one of the teenagers on the clean-up crew and the teenager sees the body before Rachel or Tom can pull her away.

When Tom begins his investigation, he learned that the deceased girl, Shelley Beecher, had been making inquiries in an attempt to free a person she felt had been wrongfully accused of the murder of Brian Hadley.  The Hadley family is furious at Shelley’s attempts to

Sandra Parshall

Sandra Parshall

prove that Vance Langford, convicted of their son’s murder, is actually innocent.  Now Shelley’s family is pointing fingers at the Hadley family for the death of their daughter.  Tom is busy trying to find out who murdered Shelley and keep peace between the families until he can solve the crime.

This fifth addition to the Rachel Goddard series keeps the reader glued to the pages.

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