Review: Sleep No More by Jeff Gulvin

Sleep No More sleep no more

Jeff Gulvin

Open Road Media; 308 pgs

ISBN: 0747217300

Reviewed by Gina R. Metz

Sleep No More introduces us to Detective Chief Inspector Aden Vanner.  Vanner has been investigating a series of murders committed by a killer, known as The Watchman, for four years with no leads.  When Vanner snaps and beats a prisoner he is suspended from the police force.

Superintendent Morrison of the Complaints Investigation Bureau begins an investigation of Vanner after the beating.  A psychologist who has profiled the Watchman for the police believes the Watchman has a military background or is a police officer.  Soon Morrison begins to believe that Vanner may be the Watchman since he seems to fit the profile and there are no other leads.  Now it is up to Vanner to catch the Watchman in order to clear his own name.

This is the first book in the Aden Vanner trilogy.  Sleep No More is a page turner that will leave the reader rushing out to buy the second book in the trilogy.  It is a fast paced book with an ending that surprised this reader.

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