Drugs and Adventure Lead the Way in ‘Gray Ghost’ by C.L. Swinney

CC5GrayGhost(2)C.L. (Chris) Swinney, a real-deal narcotics investigator, takes readers deep into the worlds of fly fishing and the war between drug smugglers and law Chris Swinneyenforcement in his debut novel “Gray Ghost.”

Miami narcotics detectives Dix and Petersen have headed to the Bahamas for a long-overdue vacation. They’ve planned a simple agenda: some sleeping, some fishing, some drinking, more fishing. What they stumble into turns into a major drug operation that involves friends of their resort hosts. Although out of their own jurisdiction, they quickly find a Miami connection that brings them ever deeper into the web of murder and lies surrounding the sunken speedboat Gray Ghost.

Fishing for bonefish (nicknamed gray ghosts by the locals) quickly falls victim to fishing for drug dealers and killers as the pair discover high-up official connections in the operation. They must fight local corruption and the resulting distrust of anyone with a badge as they try to solve the double homicide and track down the brains behind the multi-million dollar cocaine shipment.

Swinney’s novel contains classic elements. The exotic locale, the colorful locals, fly-fishing heroes and murderous villains all add up to an intoxicating blend. He’s built tension and action into his story and displays an intriguing assortment of weaponry and hardware. In spite of the gadgets, the characters form the heart of the story as Swinney peels away the layers to reveal history and motives for the assortment he’s gathered.

Fans of adventure and police procedures will find both in the pages of “Gray Ghost.” The plot weaves together elements of law enforcement, military operations, local traditions and friendship to provide an action-filled adventure. The book provides a getaway to paradise without the necessity for an airplane ticket or passport.

Swinney indicates that “Gray Ghost” is the first of a series of Bill Dix novels. Readers can look forward to another visit to excitement as the detective continues to ply his trade.

This content was based upon a free review copy the Contributor received.
Reviewed by Mary Beth Magee

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