Review: Lonely Hearts by John Harvey

Lonely HeartsLonely Hearts

John Harvey

Henry Holt and Company, Inc., 1989, 282 Pages

ISBN No. 0-8050-5494-4John Harvey


Reviewed by Gina R. Metz


When Shirley Peters is found strangled, it initially appears to be an open and shut case when the police arrest her common-law husband, Tony Macliesh.  He has a history of violence, a police record, is insanely jealous and they’ve been split up for eighteen months.  Shirley also had a restraining order against him.


However they soon find out that Tony is not guilty when the second woman is murdered while they have Tony in custody.  As they dig deeper into both murders they find that the only things the two women have in common is that they had shared an interest in the local newspaper’s Lonely Hearts column.


Lonely Hearts introduces the reader to Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick.  There are eleven books currently in the Resnick series and I look forward to reading all of them.  Lonely Hearts left me wanting to read more about DI Charlie Resnick and his team.


One thought on “Review: Lonely Hearts by John Harvey

  1. Amy Reade says:

    Lonely Hearts sounds great!! I’m putting on my TBR list, which is getting longer and longer…


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