Thinking Positive Promotes Book Sales by Janet Greger

Dempsey and Mitchell (Reported in Journal of Consumer Research on Dec 4, 2010) found advertising (and I assume its cousin – publicity) sold products not by providing factual information but by surrounding the product with other things shoppers liked, thus creating positive attitudes about the product.

Does that really work for more abstract products than toothpaste and cereal? That got me thinking. Could I sell more of my medical mysteries/ thriller, if I publicized them with something pleasant?

Like vacation spots? In Ignore the Pain, you get a guided tour of attractions in Bolivia (like the Witches’ Market and historic churches in La Paz, the Valley of the Moon, and the Altiplano). Sara Almquist, an epidemiologist on a public health assignment and heroine in my novels, is your guide. Of course, her view of Iglesia de San Francisco might be a little different that that of the average tourist because someone determined to kill her is chasing her across the church’s roof. The description of the roof is realistic – I’ve been there and yes Bolivia is exciting.

Like cuteness? Please insert Bug’s picture. My secret weapon for creating positive attitudes about my novels is Bug&me5Bug, my Japanese Chin. He is the only nonfictional character in all thee of my novels. Just look at him. Who wouldn’t love him? I cast him as Sara’s dog in my stories.

Like popular TV shows? And then I have a serendipitous positive association for my medical thriller Coming Flu. Fans of the TV series Breaking Bad (set in Albuquerque) may find it hard to believe I created my villain before I saw an episode of Breaking Bad. Sara Almquist in Coming Flu unintentionally identifies a drug czar in a quarantined, upper class community near Albuquerque as she studies the spreads of a deadly flu virus.


As you read my novels, you’ll have a chance to travel vicariously to an exotic place, learn some science, reminisce about Breaking Bad, and fall in love with Bug. Hopefully these positive vibes will make you want to read my medical mysteries/thrillers.

According to marketing researchers, it generally takes two or three exposures to ads or publicity before shoppers actually buy a product. So why don’t you check out my website ( or JL Greger’s Bugs blog (, too.

Do you care to comment? Do lighthearted blogs intrigue you to read books?


JL Greger has been a scientist, professor, and university administrator. Now she is a writer of fiction, who inserts glimpses of scientific breakthroughs and gossipy tidbits about universities into her medical mystery/suspense novels.

My novels in Kindle and paperback formats are available on Amazon:CoverIgnorethePain

Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight (

Coming Flu

Ignore the Pain ( ). The Kindle version should be available in January.


4 thoughts on “Thinking Positive Promotes Book Sales by Janet Greger

  1. JL Greger says:

    Thanks for hosting me. Unfortunately my name is Greger not Gregor.

  2. JL Greger says:

    Thanks for fixing the name.
    JL Greger

  3. Don says:

    Nice article! Well written and very informative. I did my own take on staying positive just last month:

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