Dead Men’s Harvest by Matt Hilton

deadmansharvestDead Men’s Harvest 

Matt Hilton

Harper, 2013, 384 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0062225306MattHilton[1]

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

Martin Maxwell, former Secret Service Agent, was nicknamed the Harvestman.  Joe Hunter along with his best friend Jared Rington made Maxwell pay for his crimes but the government covered up his identity and buried him under the name Tubal Cain.  The government, thinking he could be rehabilitated put him in prison as Prisoner 1854 thinking that the Harvestman could never escape but the government was wrong.  Now Prisoner 1854-Tubal Cain-the Harvestman is loose and out to get even.

Joe Hunter is staying with Imogen, Kate Piers’ sister.   Joe was in love with Kate but Kate died trying to protect her sister.   Two men, Ray Hartlaub and Charles Brigham, CIA agents, show up unexpectedly to take Joe to the cabin of Walter Conrad.  Joe is informed that Conrad is dead.  He had been killed at the cabin.  Someone had been killed at the cabin but Joe wasn’t buying the story that it was Walter and Joe insisted on seeing Walter and was taken to him.

Tubal Cain was looking for Joe’s brother, John, who had been injured in the original fight where Tubal Cain was captured. Walter had already sent a party out to find Jared  Rington to work with Joe but Rington was not to be found.  Joe was able to find him but Tubal Cain had reached Rington first.   When Joe located Jared he was in no condition to chase down a killer.  Joe took Jared to a safe place to recuperate and went about the business of stopping the monster Tubal Cain.

Dead Men’s Harvest is action packed.  The reader is in for more than one surprise before the monster Tubal Cain is put to rest.

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