Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson

WatchingTheDarkWatching the Dark 

An Inspector Banks Novel

Peter Robinson

William Morrow, 2014, 384 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0062283979

Reviewed by Patricia Reid



Lorraine Jensen, a patient at the St. Peter’s Police Treatment Center, is in the habit of getting up around dawn when her pain is keeping her awake to sit outside before the other members of the Center are up.   As the light grew stronger, Lorraine thought she could see something like a bundle of clothes at the far side of the lake.  Since Barry, the head groundsman and estate manager was in the habit of keeping the artificial lake and natural woodlands tidy, it was unusual to see anything that looked out of place.  Although the grass was still wet with dew, Lorraine walked to where she had spotted the bundle of clothes.  She did not get all the way to the spot when she realized that it was a dead body she was looking at and not a bundle of clothes.


DCI Alan Banks was immediately dispatched to St. Peter’s as soon as the authorities had been notified.  Banks had visited Annie Cabbot there during her recent convalescence.  Now Annie was due back to work on Monday and Banks was looking forward to working with her again.  When Banks and the Dr. in attendance turned over the body, they found that the victim had been shot with a crossbow bolt.  Lorraine recognized the corpse as DI Bill Quinn.  Banks stated that he knew Quinn too but only in passing.


When Quinn’s room is searched, some photographs were found that placed Quinn in a compromising position.  Quinn’s wife was deceased but the photographs looked as though they had been taken some time ago.  Inspector Joanna Passero, of the Police Standards Division, is assigned to work with Banks to determine if Quinn has somehow done something that would reflect badly on himself as well as the department.


Banks feels hindered by Inspector Passero but has no choice in the matter.    As he digs deeper into the case he keeps going back to a six-year-old missing person case that Quinn investigated and Banks is beginning to feel that there are crooked police officers involved in the old case as well as the current case of Quinn’s murder.


This is a fast moving story that keeps the reader guessing.


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