The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver

skincollectorThe Skin Collector 

Jeffery Deaver

A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

Grand Central Publishing, 2014, 448 Pagesjc-jeffery-deaver-3

ISBN No. : 978-1455517138


Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid



Lincoln Rhyme, the quadriplegic criminalist and his highly trained team are faced with a killer that has studied Rhyme’s methods and has learned how to cover up evidence and leave Rhyme’s team reaching for clues. The killer has located a book about serial killers that includes a chapter written by Lincoln Rhyme on The Bone Collector. The book is where he got his knowledge of how to avoid leaving evidence.


The killer who has been dubbed The Skin Collector tends to work underground and tattoos messages on his victims.  However, these tattoos are not the ordinary type the tattoo gun is loaded with poison and the victim dies a horrifying death.


Rhyme’s team is working at top speed to locate The Skin Collector and stop the killing.  The Skin Collector is a tricky individual and really had me fooled.   I was down to the last page before I realized what the tatoo artist was really after.


I have enjoyed all Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme books but I think this one tops the list.   I totally enjoy reading about Rhyme’s staff and their loyalty.


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