Stages of Grey by Clea Simon

StagesofGreyrevisedStages of Grey

Clea Simon

ISBN-10: 0727883933

ISBN-13: 978-0727883933

Severn House

Hardcover, 224 pages

Also available in Kindle format




This is the 8th book in the Dulcie Schwartz Feline Mystery series. It is the first I have read and I think I want to go back and see what Mr. Grey, Dulcie’s deceased cat who makes appearances in ghostly form on occasion when needed the most, was like when alive. Her current cat-Esmee reminds me of my own cat–right down to the biting of my ankle if she is angry at me for one reason or another.
Dulcie is attempting to write her graduate thesis–her adviser is not exactly helpful. She is attempting to figure out the authorship of snippets of pages of literary writings and prove that the same author wrote them. These snippets are definitely from Gothic or Historical type romances as I am sure you will realize as you read them! Meanwhile her roommate and boyfriend–she thinks he’s a werewolf but cannot prove it.

When she takes an evening off with her friends to see a very modern interpretation of an old play things start happening. It is the tightrope walking cat that really gets her attention. Then one of the actresses gets murdered and in the ensuing fray the cat escapes the theater. It is winter and it is cold and Dulcie is worried enough about the cat to try to find him. Strange things keep happening and Dulcie keeps getting involved even though she is told not to!

This is really a tangled web of lies and deceit which can only be untangled by reading the entire book which I encourage you to do. – Reviewed by Michele Bodenheimer at Miki’s Hope

One thought on “Stages of Grey by Clea Simon

  1. Clea Simon says:

    thank you for reading!

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