Promotion is a process

PJ Nunn

PJ Nunn

In today’s world, we’re used to instant gratification. Microwaves, TV programming on demand, real time email (ha!) and Skyping around the world. BTP logoIt’s no wonder we expect what we want when we want it. But book promotion, like many other things, isn’t instant.  If someone promises you instant results, beware. There’s no such thing as an overnight success, and houses still take months to build.

This can be frustrating to authors, especially when they wait to hire a publicist after the book is already out, and they want to see sales increase that next week. It’s great when a single event or interview can cause a small spike in sales, but that’s not usually the norm.

Those of you who are gardeners can relate. If you plant beans, you might see a tiny sprout a week later. If you plant parsnips it will be two weeks or more. Then the time from the first sprout to harvest varies even more. Many vegetables will only yield one crop in a season, depending on the climate where you are located. So it would be a little ridiculous for you to plant a tomato seed, then check it a day later and give up because you don’t see a tomato. Or to celebrate a sprout of a pumpkin seed, then be annoyed because there’s only a flower a week or two later.

Expectations are everything in gauging success and so many are on the right track but give up way too soon. Remember if you’re building a house, Expectation realityespecially a good, strong, beautiful house, it can be months where the only activity you see involves moving dirt, pouring concrete, installing wiring and plumbing, etc. It would be easy to walk away because it still doesn’t look like a house.

If at any time you’re wondering what’s going on underground in your campaign, feel free to ask. A whole lot of things are happening in my office that you don’t see because I’m installing plumbing and wires, figuratively speaking. We want you to have a strong foundation so it won’t let you down later as your career progresses. Decide on the campaign that best meets your needs, then stick with it and give it time to work. Happy promoting!


3 thoughts on “Promotion is a process

  1. amreade says:

    I love the gardening analogy. It can be frustrating waiting for sales while I blog away, post on social media, and do guest blogs and interviews. Hopefully slow and steady really does win the race!

  2. As I’ve been at this a while, I do know how frustrating is it that things don’t pop a lot faster. But I keep plugging away. I’m pleasantly surprised when something I do does seem to spike sales, and try not to be disappointed when something similar the next week doesn’t. But this week alone, I received three requests out of the blue to do something for someone’s blog or website. All I can figure is that all that promoting might finally be paying off. Time will tell.

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