Promotion from here by Randy Rawls

       P.J. suggested I write about how I approach promotion of my books. Oh, boy, she couldn’t have picked a worse person. Therein lies my Achilles heel, no doubt about it. Thanks to her, I do have an opportunity to promote JUSTICE SECURED, my recently released Josh Hawkins book, which I’ll get to in a moment. But, the truth is I’m envious of the authors I see posting, blogging, tweeting, and who-all knows what in such effective manners. It seems they have mastered a monster that I dare not approach. So, promotion is probably not the subject I should be writing about.

However, from my side of the fence, I can sound off about the lack of promotion. JUSTICE SECURED is my thirteenth novel, and I don’t claim to be a best-selling author. Why? My ego and the reviews I receive refuse to let me think it’s because I’m a lousy writer. Quite the contrary. I’ve received enough accolades to make me think I put together a pretty good story, well written. So, why am I floundering near the bottom of the “reader’s pool.” The answer is so simple, I cringe when I think of it. Lack of promotion. If I had the perseverance and whatever else it takes to push myself and my books into the face of every prospective reader, I’d sell more books. But, you know what? I can’t do it. I’m simply not built that way. I value the opportunities I am given, but just can’t force myself to do the “carnival barker” bit. So, here’s a thanks to P.J. for allowing me to write these words and an apology to same for not being able to do a better job of it.

The second subject that P.J. suggested is how I’ve changed my approach to writing since I began. I’m changing that a wee bit to how the industry has changed. When I began about 25 years ago, an author could submit direct to a major publisher in NY—over the transom, it was called. Agents were few and far between. Today, one cannot get near a NY publisher without an agent fronting him. Agents have become the power that stands between the author and a major contract. And, even though there has been a proliferation of agents, there has not been a proliferation of opportunities. We are at the mercy of agents who are looking for the new million-seller, while nursing their current stable of writers. The agent that can land that next NY Times number one is basically set for life. Mind you, I am not complaining, I am simply stating that’s how I see it. And, as much as I’d like to resent it, I cannot blame an agent for bashing our dreams as they pursue their own.

And, finally, before I lose all of you, a bit about JUSTICE SECURED. It’s a standalone (or first book in a series) featuring Josh Hawkins, a South Florida PI and ex-Army Special Forces officer. He is recruited by a Federal task force to bring down an “invisible” crime lord that the authorities cannot touch. His tasking is simple: make the man disappear in such a way his body is never found. This brings Josh into conflict with his conscience which berates him for being an “assassin-for-hire” versus the loyal American law-abiding citizen he believes himself to be. However, he must split his concentration between the “offer” and a case his fiancée, an assistant state attorney, is prosecuting against a wife-killer. Josh vows the accused will pay for his crime no matter what the jury decides, but his decision must be kept from the woman he loves. It’s a long, crooked path Josh must track before he discovers the truth about himself—and what kind of man he truly is.

Justice Secured via Amazon


4 thoughts on “Promotion from here by Randy Rawls

  1. Loretta says:

    Great article, Randy 🙂 And, you’re not alone regarding the marketing. There are huge amounts of authors who still have difficulty with it. When you think of it though, it’s really not who we are, is it? We tell stories…so drifting to the techie side of our brain is painful. It’s become much more than a barker in a fair ground, you have to know all those technical marketing skills 🙂 Good luck with your latest release, guy! I’m going in to Amazon and snatching a copy 🙂

  2. I hear ya, Randy. Been there,done that (hah) still doing. I’d rather tweet, FB and write. I do find active membership in Sisters in Crime helps. So, you keep on keepin’ on. PJ helps, also. A lot. Write on,brother, write on.

  3. Randy says:

    Thanks Loretta, Carl. I suppose the gist of my problem is I’d rather do what I enjoy (write) than what I dislike (promote). Oh, well, at least I’m following my motto, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”

  4. radine says:

    Randy, my friend, great to hear from you. My feelings and experiences as an author copy yours! Besides, I ain’t the best user of tech promo in the world, and might even be called one of the worst. Chalk part of it down to computer problems ever since I had to change from Eudora and XP. Even our computer tech admits he put me in the wrong email program for my needs. Now, if I change, I’m told l’ll loose all my stored information. Sigh.

    BUT I know you are good at face-to-face promo. I, too, love meeting and talking to people, both the new and old readers of my novels, and I am glad for many opportunities to do all-day sales and signing events in my home area. I also enjoy radio contacts–thanks to PJ!!!

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