BETWEEN all the marketing gurus, social networking mavericks, and the guys who personally know the latest and greatest Hollywood producers for our projects, you’d think all that authors need to do is fork over a little bit of money to make it big time with even bigger returns on our investment. After all, we are told, we are investing in ourselves.

Hint number one: Open a good book. Don’t open the scam email in your inbox.

We know we are still on a new journey in the publishing world, but does this make us authors marks?

I sometimes think so. I often know so. They are appealing to our egos and our dreams and our investment of hard work. They are preying upon us.

Like many authors, my inbox is flooded with offers of the magic path toward becoming a best-selling author and having my book land on the big screen.  Sometimes they actually ask me to fill out an application with about five questions. Guess what? I’m a perfect fit for them every time! To the best of my knowledge, not one purveyor of the Golden Goose of Publishing has read any of my books.

Hint number two: Open a good book. Don’t open the scam email in your inbox. For sure, do not reply.

The social networking mavericks might be the most annoying group. I succumbed to one, and sent her a large sum of money. Her tricks were all dated. Nothing was current. Also, nothing was earth shattering news. Oh. Because it was old news. Many of these offerings for me to become a best-selling author come with the caveat I must do exactly as they say, and they will always say I did something wrong if I want my money back.

My personal favorite? A person contacted me with an offer I should not refuse. For a sizable fee he could get me in front of scores of Hollywood producers, and I found that fascinating as the event was only held for one evening and I was going to have face-to-face time with all of them. I turned him down but I’m still on his list. Guess what? Now, he is looking for investors for his growing company. He is looking to me to invest in him. That’s a switch. Are you kidding me?

I guess the days of Lana Turner being discovered at the soda fountain counter at Schwab’s are long gone, but I’m pretty sure someone needs to read my writing before they can promise me my dream come true.

Hint number three: Open a GREAT book. Don’t open the scam email in your inbox. Do not send money. Not one dime.


OPIODS to HEROIN: The Quickest Long Journey.


TUCSON, AZ: Lala Corriere announces the release of her sixth novel, TRACKS, which explores the opioid and heroin epidemic in the United States and beyond.

The meticulously researched book leads readers through the facts that clearly warn readers that the war on drugs is not working. Corriere chronicles the softening of the marijuana market as its legalization spreads to more and more states. This softening of the market means diminishing profits for the likes of persons such as El Chapo. In its place, poppy fields are flourishing in the Sinaloa Mountains, and the opioid market is hot.

Unscrupulous physicians are over-prescribing opioid-based medications, fueling the market. But when doctors do stop refilling the prescriptions:

  • Patients know there are products on the streets. They need them.
  • They don’t know what is in those products, and they are expensive.
  • Addicts are trying to hide their addictions.
  • They turn to heroin which gives twice the high for half the price.
  • The soccer mom next door particularly likes that she doesn’t have to use a needle anymore. She can now swallow a pill.

In TRACKS, gutsy private investigator Cassidy Clark takes readers through Tucson, Italy and Australia as she pushes to gets the answers she needs. Along the way she gets entagled with the mafia.

Corriere, whose five previous books include the critically acclaimed “Widow’s Row” and “Cover Boys and Curses,” is available for print, internet, radio and television interviews. To arrange one, visit her website,, or email her at




One thought on “THE AUTHOR SCAMMERS by LaLa Corriere

  1. Denny Mulvey says:

    Hi Lala,
    Please bring a copy of the traveling cane to next meeting.
    Thank you,


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