Writer’s Police Academy – Get Ready!

Website Registration Link Opens Sunday, Feb. 18, at Noon EST
Get Ready To Register…Your Own HIT Parade
High Intensity Training (HIT)
12 Outstanding Options
For our 10th anniversary edition of the Writers’ Police Academy, we are bringing back all of your favorite High Intensity Training  (HIT) options–some with new heart-pounding twists. For example, this year’s Force on Force encounter will require you to wear protective gear as you meet up with armed suspects.
We’re also debuting two offerings–Confined Space Crawl and Car Fire! Battling an Auto Blaze–that are musts for anyone writing firefighter scenes. These two new options let those of you who are brave enough get a feel for what it takes to attempt rescues when the world seems engulfed in fire and smoke.
Be sure to read the descriptions of all 12 HIT courses before you register on Sunday, Feb. 18, as you’ll be asked to list in priority order the courses you most want to take. Last year, we were able to give all attendees one or more of their top choices! Of course, HIT sessions are just one part of the WPA. There are lots of other hands-on options–even BEFORE you check in. Our popular Kooky Cop Carnival runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Thursday. At the Carnival, you can go from booth to booth to test your law enforcement skills, ranging from handcuffing suspects to dragging a partner to safety.
Click HERE for Complete SCHEDULE
Your Favorite Instructors Are BACK…
So Is Master-of-Suspense Jeffery Deaver!
We’re especially pleased that international best-selling author Jeffery Deaver, the WPA’s very first guest speaker, is returning as our banquet keynote speaker for our 10th anniversary.
WPA alums will also be delighted to know they’ll be able to once again gain insights from veterans of ATF, the U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Military and Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City police forces. Of course, our  host  international law enforcement training academy also provides incredible talent to our presenter roster. Want to know more about these instructors? Read the bios.
Sisters In Crime $150 Scholarships!

Once again Sisters in Crime is a major sponsor of the Writers’ Police Academy and is offering its members attending the WPA for the first time a $150 scholarship registration discount. Don’t miss out on this bargain.Not a member? There’s time to join.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet Sisters in Crime members from across the country–and around the world. Our typical Academy class includes more than 200 SinC members.
CLICK HERE To Learn about SinC’s Benefits!
Help Choose The 2018 Golden Donut Photo!
Don’t miss out on a chance to win a FREE registration to the 2019 Writers’ Police Academy. That’s the top prize–plus a handsome trophy–for the winner of the 2018 Golden Donut Short Story Contest. There’s plenty of time to craft your 200 word e ntry before the July 1 deadline. We’ll announce this year’s photo on Feb. 18.  Click below if you’d like to vote on the photo you think should win.
 Click HERE To Tell Us Your  Photo Choice
Writers’ Police Academy: Email Us / Visit Our Website

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