An idea that wouldn’t let go by Kathleen Heady

Although my first three novels were mysteries, I was struck by an idea that wouldn’t let go, and my most recent book, Jewels in Time, is a young adult historical fantasy. It’s a new world for me, in more ways than one.

I have always been fascinated by English history, and came across the story of King John, better known for signing the Magna Carta under pressure from his nobles, who “lost” the entire treasure of the English Crown Jewels of the time, in the Wash, an arm of the North Sea. No trace of the treasure has ever been found. There are a number of theories of what might have happened, involving everything from the Knights Templar, the English nobles, and even King John himself. But the passage of 800 years, and new technology, have turned up nothing.

In Jewels in Time, I created a parallel magical world in which the magic folk took the jewels to teach the

89300574 – dark coloured lights within lincoln castle grounds, at night.

English people a lesson, that jewels and power are not what should be important, and they will return them when the people of the country have learned the lesson, which may be never. The story centers around the young girl Brianna, who has magical powers, but has been brought up by her mother in a small village near the Wash. When her mother leaves the village, and Brianna, under suspicion of witchcraft, Brianna is left alone. She soon sets out on her own quest to find her place in the world, guided by her magical aunt Andera and a cat named Orangino. Brianna has much to learn in her journey to safety from mortals who would condemn her as a witch, and is guided by her family in the magical realm. She finds teachers along the way, including an aging knight called Sir Michael, and the witch Rowena.

It was a fun challenge to create the magic world, with the rules and structure of any world. The magic folk are able to live among mortals, and are able to travel between places and time periods by means of portals that are conveniently located in trees, seemingly solid walls, and other unlikely openings. They are often mistaken for ghosts as they pass through castle walls or move too close to a soldier at his guard post.

Several readers have commented that the story cries out for a sequel. Brianna reaches the first milestone in her quest to find her place in her worlds, but she has much more to learn if she is to fulfill her potential. Like men and women of any time period, she must fight the discrimination and prejudice that comes of being different. There are always more mysteries to solve and battles to fight, and Brianna will learn to be the powerful magician she is destined to be.


Kathleen Heady is a native of rural Illinois, but has lived and traveled many places, including numerous trips to Great Britain and seven years living in Costa Rica. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and two cats, Tang and Sirius Black. Her latest novel, Jewels in Time, is a Young Adult historical fantasy set mostly in thirteenth century England. She is also the author of three mystery novels, Hotel Saint Clare, The Gate House, which was a finalist for an EPIC award in 2011, and Lydia’s Story.

She writes because there are so many stories in this world and beyond, and the best way to learn is through stories. Although she loves writing mysteries, Kathleen has been told that Jewels in Time cries out for a sequel, so that is definitely a future project.

twitter – @katwrite9


One thought on “An idea that wouldn’t let go by Kathleen Heady

  1. radine says:

    I love your comment that the best way to learn is through stories! Thanks for this interesting post.

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