And this one really IS by Jackie Zortman

Having lost interest when writing the third book in my Detective Max Richards series, I found it difficult to concentrate.  Then an author friend of mine with seventy-seven books on the market suggested I simply change my focus. He suggested doing a series of three novellas as Kindles, eventually putting all three into one paperback. I loved the idea.

Jake instantly popped into my mind as the name of my protagonist. I knew he was going to be a physical specimen that made women drool, a firefighter who rode a Harley, and there would be a wildfire. That was it. My author friend told me to jump on that Harley and ride because this book was already in my subconscious. And that’s what I did. I enjoyed writing JAKE-Whiskey, Water & Wildfire more than any of my other fictional books.


Jake is a woman’s wildest dream and a Hotshot Firefighter with a Harley. He is single and intends to remain so. He rides for miles in all conditions until some town mentally flags him down. He rides into Kimble, Colorado wanting only cold ice water, and food for his rumbling gut. But inside a café, he finds something he isn’t looking for, and Tomi makes him break all the hard and fast rules he so faithfully lives by.

When a wildfire ignites, Jake is the only one on scene prepared to fight it. It’s what he loves to do and is trained for.

What makes Jake feel Kimble, CO is where he’s meant to be? Why does Miss Berta adopt him as her pseudo-son and why is he so drawn to her as his mother figure? Are the answers simmering inside the fire or is it something else? The ending will surprise you.


Author’s Bio:

Jackie has been writing short stories and articles for twenty-six years. She is the author of non-fiction We Are Different Now-A Grandmother’s Journey With Grief, award winning fiction novels Footprints in the Frost (Det. Max Richards Book 1), Snow Angel (Det. Max Richards Book 2) & JAKE-Whiskey, Water & Wildfire (a novella). She has contributed to the anthologies American Blue, Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides, Recipes by the Book-Oak Tree Authors Cook and The Centennial Book of the National Society of Daughters of the Union. She also writes poetry, history and genealogy.

She is a Charter Member of The Public Safety Writers Association and a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She has won ten writing awards.

She lives in a beautiful tourist town in the southwestern mountains of Colorado with her husband and Siamese cat. When snow covers the terrain outside her home, it’s the perfect spot in which to write.

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