New title: Shadow Pact by Tally Adams

ISBN-10: 1612542859

ISBN-13: 978-1612542850

Brown Books Publishing Group

Mass Market Paperback: 328 pages

February 12, 2019, $7.99

Language: English

Series: Immortal Romance (Book 1)


Emily was on a desperate quest to locate her missing sister. She was determined to follow the trail, no matter where it led. But nothing could have prepared her to stumble into a werewolf den under the full moon. Certain she was doomed to die by the pack, she finds her salvation in the most unlikely place; the Executioner himself. But he’s far more than he seems, and quickly becomes the only thing standing between her and being someone’s next meal. His hungry gray eyes and determination to keep her safe at all costs are the only protection she has. Together, they must navigate the courts in the immortal world and stand against a bloodthirsty queen, a power-hungry king, and a coming war to save not only themselves but the entire world of mortal and immortal alike.



Tally Adams lives in Texas with her husband and four children (and one big, fat English bulldog). She’s been writing all her life, realizing at a young age the characters just swirl around maddeningly in her head if she doesn’t put them on paper. She began participating in adult writing competitions before she even hit her teens. Years later, she worked as a nurse and continued to write. Finally, she decided to move forward into the world of publication and share her imaginary friends with the world.


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New title: Hannah’s Bliss by Dania Voss

Hannah’s Bliss is the newest release in my Windy City Nights steamy romance series. The series centers around the heir apparent to a Chicago family fortune and baseball dynasty, Luke Stryker, his friends, hunky combat veterans integrating back into civilian life and steamy nights with the women they can’t live without. Let the games begin!
The hero, Rocco Moretti and the heroine, Hannah Hailey are recurring characters in the series who finally get their own happily ever after in Hannah’s Bliss.
Rocco is an Italian, former Marine who was physically and emotionally abused as a little boy and is also a combat veteran suffering from PTSD. He’s incredibly close to his younger brother and his family and has a heart for service. Although he works hard and has a close circle of friends, he’s unhappy and lonely. He doesn’t believe he’s worthy of love.
Hannah is a busy event planner for her mother’s successful event planning firm but has dreams of her own she’s been putting off for years. She’s desperate to please her mother but feels like she’s failing at every turn. Hannah’s been made to feel “less than” for as long as she can remember. She struggles with her self-esteem and doesn’t always feel comfortable in her own skin. 
Bliss is a recurring theme throughout the novel. Personal and professional bliss. Neither Hannah or Rocco are living their bliss when they first meet. They both help each other and by the end of the story, they are happier than they’ve ever been – together.
Rocco is a combat veteran who fought in the Battle for Sangin in Afghanistan. It’s a real battle where many soldiers, both American and British, were lost, in the fall of 2010. He fought beside another series character, Heath Jackson from another novel in the series, The Warrior’s Whisper
It’s not smooth sailing for these two though. They have plenty of obstacles they have to overcome first. From emotional baggage they both carry to sassy grandmothers who like to embarrass them, to a drug dealer who nearly kills Hannah, to her overbearing mother who persistently tries to tear them apart, and more.
The handsome man on the book cover is Italian international model Luca Pantini. I “met” him as a result of an author Instagram book cover inspiration challenge. I was searching for what I imagined Rocco looked like through Hannah’s eyes and found pictures of him online. I knew the moment I saw Luca, he was my Rocco.
Luca is now helping me promote the book and the series.  We’re in the early stages but we’re now working with producers to help bring the series to the screen.
Talk about living your bliss! So let me ask all of you – are you living YOUR bliss? If not, what’s holding you back?


Recently another mystery author and I tossed around the names of ideal actors and actresses to play characters in our books. While I feared it might be a depressing experience—given there’s slim chance of my books coming to either the big or small screens out there—instead it turned out to be not only a fun exercise but also an instructive one. Some characters will have encores in my next mystery in the Austin Starr series so my thoughts on their ongoing personalities, motivations, and secrets were deepened.

As an introduction to my latest book, AFTER YOU’VE GONE—An Austin Starr Prequel, here’s who its ideal cast includes:

Emma Stone stars as Austin Starr’s grandmother. Named Walter after her father the judge but called Wallie by her family and friends, at age twenty-three she lives in a small Texas town with her dad in a big Victorian mansion during Prohibition. She’s spunky and wants to write murder mysteries like her hero Sherlock Holmes.

Jeff Bridges (a born Texan) is the epitome of the judge Walter MacGregor, Wallie’s dad. His wife died and left him a widower when their daughter was an infant.

Meryl Streep must play Aunt Ida. She’s a proper and strict retired school marm who helps raise Wallie, pushing her to be a sweet young lady. But Wallie wants to live up to her male name by becoming an assertive personality.

Bradley Cooper plays the long-lost brother of the judge who turns up out of the blue after two decades’ absence. He’s on the lam from his bosses in the bootlegging business during Prohibition.

Zac Efron is perfect for one of Wallie’s suitors, and his rival would be Chris Hemsworth. Which one will win her hand?  That is, if she lives long enough to make the choice, after she begins to court danger by tracking down a vicious killer.

Octavia Spencer takes the role of Athalia, the MacGregors’ housekeeper and outstanding cook. She has provided sense and stability to the family ever since Wallie’s mother passed away years ago. Her fried chicken is as incomparable as her day-to-day advice.

Ian McShane plays Sam Maceo, a real-life gangster who possesses both suave charm and deadly intentions. Wallie and Aunt Ida tangle with him and his thugs during a road trip to the sinful port city of Galveston, Texas. To note: Maceo’s progeny still reside in Galveston, these days pursuing only legal businesses. Supposedly.

Reese Witherspoon captures the part of Glenda, the tough but tender spitfire who works in Maceo’s speakeasy located on the Gulf of Mexico. At first Wallie doesn’t know what to make of Glenda, the likes of whom she’s never seen before. Aunt Ida thinks Glenda is a floozy and wants to leave without questioning her, but Wallie befriends her and prevails to uncover awful secrets.

The bit parts of Wallie’s cousins Doug and Hank are reserved for my pals Doug and Hank, who harbor thespian ambitions. They’ve supported my writing career a long time, and it pleases me to think I could help them out.

Finally, last but definitely not least, the role of Wallie’s ever-present beagle puppy Holler will be taken by a dog found at a shelter in south Texas, where the movie will be shot. This is a key decision. Holler provides comic relief when too much blood has been shed, and he also helps point to the clue that solves Wallie’s first murder case.

All in all, I say—An author can dream, can’t she?


Kay Kendall is an award-winning author of three historical mysteries. Her second book, RAINY DAY WOMEN (2015), won for best mystery and best book at Killer Nashville in August 2016. It is the second in her Austin Starr mystery series. The first was DESOLATION ROW (2013), published by Stairway Press. AFTER YOU’VE GONE, an Austin Starr prequel, was released February 12, 2019.


In her previous career, Kay was an award-winning international PR executive, working in the US, Canada, Russia, and Europe. She has graduate degrees in Russian history and was a Woodrow Wilson Scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


Kay and her Canadian husband live in Houston, Texas. They’ve rescued abandoned pet bunnies for twenty years and currently have three rabbits and a bemused spaniel, Wills.


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