New title: Shadow Pact by Tally Adams

ISBN-10: 1612542859

ISBN-13: 978-1612542850

Brown Books Publishing Group

Mass Market Paperback: 328 pages

February 12, 2019, $7.99

Language: English

Series: Immortal Romance (Book 1)


Emily was on a desperate quest to locate her missing sister. She was determined to follow the trail, no matter where it led. But nothing could have prepared her to stumble into a werewolf den under the full moon. Certain she was doomed to die by the pack, she finds her salvation in the most unlikely place; the Executioner himself. But he’s far more than he seems, and quickly becomes the only thing standing between her and being someone’s next meal. His hungry gray eyes and determination to keep her safe at all costs are the only protection she has. Together, they must navigate the courts in the immortal world and stand against a bloodthirsty queen, a power-hungry king, and a coming war to save not only themselves but the entire world of mortal and immortal alike.



Tally Adams lives in Texas with her husband and four children (and one big, fat English bulldog). She’s been writing all her life, realizing at a young age the characters just swirl around maddeningly in her head if she doesn’t put them on paper. She began participating in adult writing competitions before she even hit her teens. Years later, she worked as a nurse and continued to write. Finally, she decided to move forward into the world of publication and share her imaginary friends with the world.


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