The Money Kill by Katia Lief


The Money Kill

Katia Lief

Harper, 2013, 352 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0062096975

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

Karin Schaeffer and her husband, Mac MacLeary, are just beginning to feel like a normal, married couple.  The terrors that invaded their lives on more than one occasion have now been put behind them.  Mac is running a private investigation agency and Karin is working with him.  The children are happy and life is good.

When Cathy Millerhausen hires Mac to investigate her husband billionaire,  Godfrey Millerhousen, Mac agrees.  Cathy fears that Godfrey is unfaithful and if a divorce is in the future, she is afraid that her income will not be sufficient to cover the cost for their son’s special needs treatments.

Mac has become convinced that Mary’s fears of Godfrey’s unfaithfulness are unfounded and so when he is offered a job in London with a large paycheck he puts the Millerhausen case on hold.  The offer of a family vacation on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia is part of the deal making it extra hard to pass up.  Mac and Karin agree to swap houses with the Sardinia family.

Mac’s assistant Mary and her son Fremont take the children and go ahead to Sardinia to wait for Mac and Karin.  Although at first it seems like paradise, strange things begin to happen.  Mac and Karin lose contact with Mary and the children.  They have disappeared and Mac and Karin risk everything to locate their family. Once again, their family is in turmoil.

katia lief

Katia Lief’s books are always full of suspense so be ready to keep the pages turning swiftly once you pick up a Lief book.  Previous books are “You Are Next”, “Next Time You See Me” and “Vanishing Girls”.