Review: Killing Instinct by Darcia Helle

Killing InstinctKilling Instinct 

Darcia Helle

Quiet Fury Books; 2013, 323 pgs.

ISBN:  9781484951910Darcia Helle


Reviewed by Gina R. Metz


In Killing Instinct, Sandman and his partner run an internet business where they provide a secure location and victims to clients who for the right price can turn their fantasies which include things like rape, torture and murder into reality.   Sandman’s personal fantasy revolves around a woman named Maria Milan who he feels ruined his life years earlier.


Michael Sykora and Sean Riley run a business where they provide justice for crimes like rape and murder when the legal system fails.  Sean Riley is a hit man born to kill.  Michael got into the business after his fiancé was murdered.


Sean accepts a contract to torture and murder Maria but finds he cannot complete the job.  Now it is up to Sean and Michael to track down Sandman and shut down his organization before someone else can locate and kill Maria.


Killing Instinct is the third book in Darcia Helle’s Michael Sykora series but is designed to read well as a stand-alone.  Killing Instinct is a fast paced thriller that captivates the reader from the start.   I thoroughly enjoyed this read and will be purchasing No Justice and Beyond Salvation which are the first and second books in this series and I look forward to future installments.

Review: Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo

breaking silenceBreaking Silence 

Linda Castillo

St. Martin’s Press; 2011, 302 pgs.

ISBN:  978-0-312-37499-0Linda CAstillo

Reviewed by Gina R. Metz

Breaking Silence begins with what first appears to be a terrible accident.  Solomon Slabaugh, his wife Rachel, and brother Abel Slabaugh are all found in the pit of hog manure in the barn.  It is initially assumed that one of the brothers fell into the pit and the other brother and wife have succumbed to methane gas asphyxiation while trying to rescue the other.  However, when the bodies are removed, the Coroner discovers a head wound on Solomon Slabaugh that had occurred just prior to his death and the accident turns into a murder investigation.

Police Chief Kate Burkholder suddenly finds her hands full with the murder investigation and a series of hate crimes against the Amish at the same time.  The state sends in agent John Tomasetti, Kate’s boyfriend, to help in the investigation of the hate crimes and find out whether the Slabaugh murders are related to these crimes.

Breaking Silence is the third book in the Kate Burkholder Amish series.  This is a fast paced book that will keep the reader engrossed waiting to see what will happen next. It is full of twists and turns and will leave the reader surprised at the ending.   As the series continues the books just get better and better.  I am looking forward to reading more in this series.