Review: What We Found by Kris Bock

What We FoundWhat We Found

Kris Bock

ISBN 0615674178 ASIN B0094V0OD4

Peg River Press

Paperback / Kindle – 245 pagesKris Bock

Copyright August, 2012

Reviewer: Patricia K. Batta

There is no shortage of trouble in What We Found: Audra Needham’s discovery of the dead body of a woman while walking in the woods with Jay, who is trying to seduce her; Jay’s refusal to inform the police of their discovery; Jay and his father’s anger when Audra does it anyway, which might endanger Audra’s job; threats against Audra when she does some investigating at the urging of her young brother.

Audra only returned to her hometown to protect her brother Ricky from the damaging effect of being raised by their man-hating mother. She does like her new job at the resort, however, and hopes to succeed at it despite having to work around Jay and his overbearing father. Why was Jay so angry, anyway? She hadn’t implicated him when she talked to the police.  Yet.

With Bethany’s history of sleeping around and drug use, it is hard to narrow down the field of possible killers. Was Jay involved? How about Bethany’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas Bain? But Thomas seems to have an alibi. Or her brother, Kyle? Gossip says he also has addiction problems since losing a hand in Afghanistan.

Using Ricky’s interest in Kyle’s falconry as an excuse, Audra and Ricky discover a lot more about Kyle and his family. Audra begins to wonder if her growing feelings for Kyle are getting in the way of finding out what happened to his sister. The mistrust of men her mother has drummed into her make sorting out those feelings difficult. However, after she and her mother clash a few times they stumble into some real conversation, and Audra begins to see the woman lurking beneath the crusty surface.

While many of the actions taken against Audra seem extraneous to the story, it does continue to move forward with tension and intrigue. Her involvement in the investigation is justified by her need to protect her eager and headstrong brother. The ending comes with plenty of danger and action, and a surprise ally. Overall a fun read that keeps the reader involved.