Skeleton Picnic by Michael Norman

Skeleton Picnic

Michael Norman

Poisoned Pen Press, 2012, 256 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1-59058-551-1

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid


Roland (Rolly) Rogers is a retired Kanab High School teacher and an avid pot hunter.  He is anxiously waiting for his wife Abby to get home from work so the couple could begin their weekend searching for artifacts to add to their collection.  When Abby finally gets home the couple begin their last pot hunting adventure. The couple travel into Arizona and drive into a remote area that they discovered the previous fall.

When the couple fails to show up at church their daughter, Melissa, contacts Charlie Sutter, the Kane County Sheriff.  A missing persons report is taken when Melissa says her parents left on Friday and had planned to return on Saturday night.  Sheriff Sutter phones J. D. Books, a ranger with the Bureau of Land Management, and asks that he check out the Rogers residence since it is close to him.  Books is having coffee with Ned Hunsaker, a close friend and his landlord.

Books and Hunsaker go to the Rogers’ residence only to find that someone has broken in through the patio doors. When Books gets inside, he finds that the Rogers cat has been killed and is lying in a pool of blood.  The display case for the antiquities that Rogers has collected over the years is broken and the contents have been removed.

A search discovers the Rogers’ truck and trailer at an abandoned campsite near an excavated

Anasazi ruin.  Footprints and other evidence indicate that the Rogers couple had visitors at their campsite.

Inquiries bring to light the fact that law enforcement authorities in the area have identified several unsolved missing person cases involving pot hunters who have gone missing.  Books along with Sheriff Sutter and his young deputy, Beth Tanner, begin the investigation and soon find that they are treading on dangerous ground.

Skeleton Picnic is an exciting mystery with strong characters that keep the story flowing.