Hand for a Hand by T. Frank Muir

hand for a handHand For A Hand 

T. Frank Muir

SoHo Press, Inc., 2012, 336 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1616951818

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

T. Frank Muir

T. Frank Muir

DCI Andy Gilchrist became a new favorite for me just a few pages into “Hand For A Hand”.  A dismembered hand is found on the golf course in St. Andrews, Scotland.  The hand grips a note addressed to Andy.  This first note is only the beginning of the terrors that Andy must face as the body parts and the notes with the strange messages continue to make their appearances.

Andy is divorced with two grown children, Jack and Maureen.  It is a puzzle as to why the murderer is targeting Andy with a personal note.  Andy realizes that the victim could be someone close to him.  He leaves an urgent message for his daughter Maureen requesting that she contact him immediately.  When he reaches his son, Jack, Andy learns that Jack had a disagreement with his girlfriend, Chloe, and doesn’t know where she is now.

To make matters even worse, Ronnie Watt is assigned to the case.  Because of an incident in the past involving Ronnie and Andy’s young daughter Maureen, Andy despises Ronnie, doesn’t trust him, and feels that Ronnie will be a detriment rather than an asset in the investigation.  Although Andy complains to his superior, he is told that Ronnie will remain on the case in spite of Andy’s feelings.

When what appears to be paint on the severed hand Andy’s fear increases.  Jack’s girlfriend Chloe is an artist.  When the next body part is found along with a message for Andy, Andy becomes convinced that the victim must be Chloe.

With the assistance of DS Nancy Wilson, Andy works to decipher the meaning of the notes addressed to him but before he can come up with the answer his daughter Maureen disappears.  So begins a race to find Maureen before the killer can deliver the final blow to Andy and his loved ones.

Any reader who enjoys Police Procedurals will instantly become a fan of T. Frank Muir.  I am looking forward to the next book in this series.