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I’m PJ Nunn, owner and founder of BreakThrough Promotions, a PR firm that specializes in authors and books of all kinds.

I well remember the first time I stepped into a Bookmobile when I was seven. Dark and cramped, with that certain “bookish” smell, I discovered the wonders of the world, often through the eyes of Trixie Beldon or Cherry Ames as they solved the mysteries in their lives. I was forever captured. My family didn’t have much, but I learned that I could go anywhere on any kind of adventure through the world of books. I’ve never looked back.

I have a Masters degree in psychology and serve as a consultant in the field of law enforcement. I hope, one day, to finish my PhD in the same field. But my day job is in the book industry and I usually have a good book in my bag wherever I go. While the industry often puts a prime on release dates, I consider a book new to me if I’ve never read it no matter what day or year it was released. So here, we’ll talk about books old and new. Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll want to read even if the release date is long past. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “About PJ Nunn

  1. I share a similar memory, but of the tiled basement floor of the children’s room at our local branch of the public library in Boston, Massachusetts. My younger sister and I would spend many hot or rainy days there, reading through whole shelves of Fairy Tales, Bobsey Twins, and whatever else we could find. We’d long had our library borrowing privileges revoked for lost books (within a large family that was predictable.) But we were never chided for staying all day and reading, reading, reading.

    I’ve added your blog to my blog-list and look forward to reading more here. I’m a retired teacher now publishing bits of writings I’d done through the years, and just beginning my first fiction piece. I’ve self-published six others (non-fiction and poetry) with Amazon. My author page there is http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00580PJ9Y

    I often review others’ books at my blog: http://terrysthoughtsandthreads.blogspot.com .

    Thanks for offering this site for readers and writers!

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  3. sharonervin says:

    P.J., is it too late to guest on Bookbrowsing.wordpress.com? My eleventh published novel, JINGO STREET, is coming soon. This is women’s fiction––not exactly romance, though it has romantic elements, nor exactly a murder mystery, which I’ve done before. If you have space for yet another book promotion, I fit. Thanks for your consideration.

  4. Janet Lynn says:

    PJ, I would like to be featured on your blog. My latest book Slivers of Glass is a 1955 Noir murder mystery. I have co authored this book and would like to write an article about partnering. I also have an author blog, perhaps we can share blogs. http://www.janetelizabethlynnauthor.blogspot.com Please contact me and let me know. Janet

  5. Michelle says:

    What a lovely site PJ – I have really enjoyed poking around and reading the various blogs. Love books, love reading and love writing 🙂

  6. Martha Reed says:

    Hi, PJ. Buccaneer just released NO REST FOR THE WICKED, Book 3 in my Nantucket Mystery series. I’d love to share a guest post on your blog. Please let me know if you’re interested! reedmenow.com PS. I lived in Waxahachie, TX during the Eighties. I’m sure it’s changed!

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  8. Arabella Nunn says:

    i miss you elisi, i love you, i’m sure you are living your best life up in heaven

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